Testing Machine Systems Business

/Automobile Testing Machine Systems/

Our company designs and manufactures measuring and control systems in order to improve the quality,
safety and reliability of industrial processes and products.

Inertia Clutch Tester

We evaluate frictional performance and durability for test-pieces by operating an output control clutch by rotating a flywheel on the input shaft.

Engine Dynamometer

This is a driving/load (absorption) type testing machine. We handle all different kinds of layouts. We will satisfy testing patterns/measuring items that are required to be done when different types of measurements/controls are performed.

2W-CVT Tester

This is a testing machine to evaluate CVT ASSY for road test performance/durability.

CVT Hydraulic Control System

This is a device to supply various pressures to CVT and manage the control against an individual hydraulic control and external commands.

Clutch Damper Torque

This is a device to measure clutch torsion durability and torsion characteristics.

Hydraulic Control Unit Test system

This is a machine to test a pressure response from multiple valves such as the control valve, etc. or the flow rate characteristics.