Recruiting Information

CFI Co., Ltd. is recruiting now under the following application guidelines.

(1)Maintenance work for the testing equipment (2)Production staff (3)Technical engineers

The place of work CFI Headquarters
Working hours 8:30~17:30
Days off Sunday/every other Saturday/GW/Summer vacation/Year-end and New Year holidays
Benefits Salary raise, Bonuses, Uniform lending, Transportation fee granted by provisions, Various types of insurance are prepared, Meal allowance, Family allowance, housing allowance, Overtime allowance
Commuting by car is allowed. (Free parking is available.)
Salary Monthly wage 180,000 yen~(Extra allowance is provided depending on experience/ability.)
Description of work (1)Maintenance work for the testing equipment
The job responsibilities are periodic inspections, maintenance/preparation, technical guidance or installation of testing equipment which was delivered to factories and research institutions of various kinds of manufacturers whose products are automobiles, automobiles’ parts or other related products. Calibration and adjustment work for measuring instruments. Repair or cleaning work for machines in facilities or electrical parts, and replacement of deteriorated parts, etc.
As for business trips for maintenance service, you may take a day-trip or a 3 to 5-day trip in some cases.
(2)Production staff
・Assembling/installation of machines
・Machining operation
・Electrical wiring
(3)Technical engineering
・Mechanical design
・Electric design
・Design of sequence control/feedback control systems
・Built-in software development

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