Manufacturing Business

/Design and Manufacturing/

We manufacture devices for industrial automation lines, or experiment and inspection machines, etc.
We also do electrical insulation work and clean equipment.
We are engaged consistently in the entire businesses from design, machining/assembly and maintenance.

Control Board Manufacturing

We manufacture control boards for automation devices for various kinds of testing machines. We always take future expansion of the control board into consideration.

Machine Manufacturing

We offer reliable manufactured products to customers from the viewpoint of Gemba.

Electric Design

Our highly experienced engineers will design to satisfy customers’ requests.

PLC Software

We verify the most appropriate control operation based on the specifications and create a software program by making a proposal of a plan.We provide products in consideration of visibility, operability and safety.

PC Software

We realize the measuring data processing operation based on customers’ needs.

Mechanical Design

We manufacture products satisfying safety and maintenance accuracy by paying regard to the structure of the machines to the details of parts.