Privacy Policy

The CFI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) would like to explain our basic thinking about the protection of personal information for all the people who access to our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”).
On this site, we collect information or details of inquiries that may involve individual people including individual names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses, etc. from the site inquiry form.

Purpose of use and collection of personal information

Our company shall use and collect personal information which will be provided for the following purposes.

  • Identification confirmation of the Users, and other information related to provision of our company’s services
  • Sales promotion related to our company’s services through various kinds of media such as phone, email or postal mail, etc.
  • Conducting questionnaire surveys
  • Improvement of our company’s services or development of new services
  • Shipment of the materials, pamphlets or products, etc. that was requested.

Disclosure and entrustment of personal information

Our company shall disclose and entrust personal information under the following conditions which were provided to us.
Our company may entrust the personal information which was provided to us to our business contractors or business alliances for the purpose of achieving the use purpose which we have stated in the “Purpose of use and collection of private information”.
Our business contractors or business alliances cannot use the personal information to which our company provided for the above mentioned purpose of use beyond the extent necessary, unless otherwise our company notified our Users.

Our business contractors or business alliances may contact our customers for the purpose of improvement of services for our customers.

* In cases where legal request of disclosure by public organizations such as the court, police agencies, etc., we may submit the disclaimers related to the disclosure of personal information to the corresponding public organizations in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Access log/Cookies

On this site, we record the information of Users who accessed our site using cookies in the form of an access log. The access log records include domain name, IP address, type of browser being used or the access date and time, etc. of which the Users accessed into our site. However, the records do not contain any identifiable personal information, and therefore, the access log shall not invade any users’ privacy.
These access logs shall be used for maintenance management of the website or statistical analysis regarding the website use condition, but not for any other purposes.


The cookies can save the Users’ information, the most recent dates of access or visiting frequency to the sites, etc., however, the records do not contain any identifiable personal information. Cookies are used to identify users and also used as an elemental technology for an authentication system or a personalized system that will customize services on the WWW for each user. In addition, the use availability can be determined at the visitors’ side according to the setting on the web browser of the visitor.


The personal information protection policy shall be applied only to this site. We shall not be held liable or responsible in any way for the protection of personal information at any websites linked to this website. Please look at the personal information protection policy and the privacy policy of the linked websites.

Changes in handling personal information

In cases where we make any changes on this site in regard to the handling of personal information, we shall post the contents of the changes on this site.