Cost minimization, quality maximization and innovation.

The purpose of our company’s engineering services is to make customers’

demands realize through our knowledge we have gained in a broad range of fields.

We have been cooperating in various companies in a wide range of engineering projects.

The technological strength which we have developed in such projects has become

a driving force to provide high-level technological solutions covering entire system

all the way to precision components.

Company Profile

Description of Businesses

We offer a one-stop service by providing a support all the way
from manufacturing to maintaining a stable operation.

Testing Machine Systems Business

We will work hard to meet the needs of people
who are facing difficult challenges everyday by promotion of development
or assurance of quality/safety, etc.

Maintenance Service

To maintain the stable operational performance of a machine,
we give exclusive maintenance service for each part of machine.

Manufacturing Business

We manufacture custom-made devices and equipment, etc.
We handle a wide range of equipment from generic testing devices to specialized equipment.